Deploying Kcptun to Make Shadowsocks Great Again!

Deploying Kcptun to Make Shadowsocks Great Again!

Kcptun is a simple UDP Tunnel based on KCP which can speed up Shadowsocks significantly.

Server (Ubuntu 16.04)

  1. Download Kcptun Server from Github
  2. Edit configuration file ~/kcptun/config.json
    listen is your kcp server listen address.

    For sndwnd and rcvwnd, the author recommend a value of 2048 with 100M broadband.

  3. Run Kcptun service

Client (macOS)

  1. Download Kcptun Client
  2. Edit configuration file ~/kcptun/config.json
    If you are using other broadband bandwidth, set sndwnd and rcvwnd equal to 2048*your_boardband/100Mbps.
  3. Run client service
  4. Create a new Shadowsocks Serverserver address:
    server_port: kcptun client_port
    password: same as your ss-server
    mathod: same as your ss-server

3 thoughts on “Deploying Kcptun to Make Shadowsocks Great Again!

  1. Can you give some explanation on some of the settings you chose and why they are good for shadowsocks?

    “datashard”: 70,
    “parityshard”: 30,

    why are these better than the defaults?

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